Bacchimeter is an unique and fast solution to analyze the phenolic maturity of red grapevine.

Thanks to a geolocated and instantaneous non-destructive measurement, Bacchimeter gives a fast and simple information about phenolic maturity directly in the vineyard. 

The right stage of ripeness

Due to climate change, it becomes harder to determine the best harvest date according to the classical analysis of sugar and acidity.

For red wine production, phenolic maturity is a key maturity to track in order to determine the best harvest date.

The Bacchimeter sensor measures the concentration of anthocyanins in berry skin, a good indicator of phenolic maturity, and gives the Anthocyanins Potential (PA).

All the results are analyzed and displayed on a web platform.


Measurement with the Bacchimeter

Transmission and consultation of data on the mobile FA application in real time

Data processing, visualization and archiving on


Choose where to taste your berries

Track and refine your harvest window

Facilitate your wine lots selection and harvest organization



Non destructive

Real time results

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