FORCE-A created in 2004 develops, manufactures and sales plant optical sensors.

For 15 years, FORCE-A is one leader of optical instrumentation applied to plant sciences.

The company proposes to scientists, farmers and winemakers innovative and smart tools to measure, understand and decide.

The products Dualex and Multiplex are used in research laboratories all around the world.

FORCE-A also offers the Bacchimeter sensor which is dedicated to winemakers. It measures easily the right stage of ripeness and helps to determine the best harvest date.


The world is changing profoundly and is facing two major problems: a sharp increase in population and global warming. The answer for agriculture will be to produce more food raw materials in a more responsible way.

It is in this context of intelligent agriculture that FORCE-A has decided to act.

The company, a leader in optical instrumentation applied to ecophysiology and different types of crops, including viticulture in particular, offers its customers, whether researchers, farmers or winegrowers, intelligent tools to measure and decide.

As such, fluorescence-based products, such as Dualex, Multiplex and Bacchimeter, are used in research laboratories around the world, and their technology is used to advise winegrowers in a major phase of vineyard management : the harvest.

Helping our customers to validate scientific hypotheses or optimize farming practices, without ever replacing them, is the real mission that FORCE-A has set itself.

Our three smart tools


designed for winemakers it allows a rapid assessment of phenolic maturity for the production of red wines


simple tool to measure chlorophyll and polyphenols content of leaves


portable fluorometer designed for plant sciences research


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