French manufacturer of handheld fluorometers for Plant Sciences and Agriculture.



Bacchimeter is an unique and fast solution to analyze the phenolic maturity of red grapevine.

Thanks to a geolocated and instantaneous non-destructive measurement, Bacchimeter gives a fast and simple information about phenolic maturity directly in the vineyard. 


Dualex is a leafclip sensor which measures chlorophyll and polyphenols content of plant leaves.

Thanks to a patented technology this optical sensor allows simple, fast and non-destructive measurement of chlorophyll, flavonols and anthocyanins in leaves.

Multiplex sensor


Multiplex is a multiparametric handheld fluorometer dedicated to the measurement on fruits and leaves. By the mean of 4 excitation and 3 detection wavelengths, the Multiplex sensor measures 9 fluorescence signals.

The sensor has been designed by and for Plant Sciences researchers. Therefore, in addition to the fluorescence signals, Multiplex also gives plant physiological indices linked to chlorophyll, flavonols and anthocyanins content in leaves and fruits.

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Oct 22 2019
🇫🇷 Bacchimeter, la high tech au service des viticulteurs !🇺🇸 Bacchimeter, an innovative tool for winemaker!#Wine #innovation
Oct 21 2019
#Bacchimter, an useful tool to determine the beginning of harvest.
Oct 08 2019
Have a look to our new website and learn more about #Dualex #Bacchimeter and #Multiplex sensors. You can also learn more about the applications of these tools in #plants #Science and

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